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The Easiest Crypto Safe Swap.

For the first time in the cryptocurrency world, buy cryptocurrency with Fiat currency directly in complete security. There is no need to know or trust the seller or buyer, because the Beeptory Safe Swap platform protects you during the transaction. By clicking on Learn More, read a complete guide to the Safe Swap.

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I intend to sell 1,200 Tether at the rate of 1 USD as a safe swap


I want to buy 1,200 Tether to the value of the sum 1,200 USD with safe swap.


Experience pace, security, and ease simultaneously in the world of cryptocurrency

Trading and transaction have a history in human society. The traditional way of doing these transactions, face to face, is still the most reliable way among people. There are lots of reasons for this such as seeing the goods and paying instantly.

By emerging online shops, the need for a secure payment method and doing transactions becomes more vital. Although a lot of sites and apps came into existence to ensure, there are still people who suffer scams in online transactions.

As technological innovation upturn traditional ways of doing business, scammers tried to do so too. After the exponential rise of the cryptocurrency market, not only investors but scammers came into the market.

With the current situation that the market is getting better and bigger, comes a need for solemn security for every individual profiting in the crypto market.

What is the Safe Swap at Beeptory?

Beeptory has invented Safe Swap for money transactions in the cryptocurrency market. This method ensures the safety and decreases the chances of cryptocurrency fraud down to zero.

Using the safe swap helps you transfer the fiat currency for buying or selling cryptocurrency without any worries. With the safe swap, both parties in a transaction will be aware of every step of the process at any time.

How does the safe swap work?

The first step for a buyer is to search among many selling orders at Beeptory. After finding what they want, they should inform the system about the buying intention. Both parties sign an agreement then the process starts. The seller gives the mentioned cryptocurrency to the system. The buyer has to pay the price in the specified time. After the seller confirms the payment, the buyer will receive the cryptocurrency and the safe swap is done.

This is how Beeptory works as a medium to do a safe swap. If the buyer doesn’t make the payment on time, Beeptory cancels the swap, and the seller will take back the cryptocurrency.

If any problems occur during the safe swap, one can send the information needed to the Beeptory team. The team will handle it as soon as possible.

The platform is being implemented worldwide for the first time and aims to eliminate insecurities within cryptocurrency markets to increase productivity and create a new value in the blockchain network.

Now, with safe swap, more users are tending to buy cryptocurrencies and increase their assets.


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