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Make money by buying and selling signals

One of the million profiting spots in crypto market is providing crypto expert signal. It is as easy at Beeptory as a sign up and start selling signals and gain Beep tokens. Simultaneously, you can choose among pro signals provided by crypto signal masters at Beeptory and buy them using Beep tokens and make profits.

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How to buy crypto expert signal?

What is a cryptocurrency signal?

A signal is a tool consisting of calculations and charts to predict the behavior of a cryptocurrency in the near or distant future. Crypto expert signals are provided to the public to make traders aware of the market. Cryptocurrency signal masters often predict signals based on past crypto prices, current news and other factors. Amateurs, less professionals, or people who do not have time to study signals themselves, can buy signals to make better decisions in transactions.

Is Beeptory a cryptocurrency signal provider?

Beeptory social network is designed for buying and selling crypto expert signals. To buy signals there are 3 easy steps:

1. Create a personal profile at Beeptory social network.

2. start exploring and interacting with other people. In interactions, you will find people as cryptocurrency signal providers.

3. choose the best providers and buy signals from them using Beep tokens.

By the way, you can always use free signals available at Beeptory.

How to sell crypto signals at Beeptory

Crypto signal masters have another way of making money in this market by selling crypto signals. The steps are easy:

1. create a personal profile for yourself. This profile must contain true information about you that will gain buyers' trust in your expertise.

2. it is your responsibility to satisfy your followers by providing accurate cryptocurrency signals, which will lead to more sales.

Then you will benefit by receiving beep tokens for the correct signals. This process is exclusively for the Beeptory social network and all transactions on the site are made using Beep tokens.

The Beeptory social network is created to ease the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency signals by establishing a direct connection between the buyer and the seller so that both can trade using the Beep token.

The effect of technical and fundamental analysis on crypto signals

Technical analysis is a trading discipline to identify trading opportunities in prices and charts.

Cryptocurrency Fundamental analysis examines all available information about that cryptocurrency to evaluate its worth.

As a result, the cryptocurrency signal is affected by two general analyses;

  • The first is fundamental analysis, which includes daily news and events and economic assets that have a significant impact on prices.

  • The second is technical analysis, which depends on the past behaviour of currencies and their networks.

The professional traders provide cryptocurrency signals using these two important analyses and sell them on the Beeptory social network.

But stay alert! While an accurate signal will help you improve, a nasty signal will have you lose your asset. So choose and act wisely.


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