Do not sacrifice security for beauty

Jaxx Wallet is one of the most attractive and widely used digital currency wallets, whose user interface, and design make it suitable for all segments of the digital world, from beginners to professionals. The interesting thing is, although it has a special design, it ignores many security points and is not so secure.

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Cryptocurrencies supported by Jaxx
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Jaxx Similar Wallets

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Know more about Jaxx

Jaxx Wallet was founded by Anthony Di Iorio, one of the founders of Ethereum, in 2014. This wallet can process, support, buy, sell and hold a wide range of digital currencies and does not limit your use.

Jaxx Wallet is a multi-valued wallet that allows you to store various digital currencies in one safe place. As of January 2021, the Jaxx wallet can store more than 90 different currencies, and this number is increasing day by day. Jaxx wallet is available for download on most devices with a variety of platforms.

Operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux for desktop and Android, and iOS for mobile. In addition to all this, this wallet is available as a Google Chrome browser plugin. These tips have made this wallet send its message to the target community and make people aware of its ease of use.

Initially, this wallet entered the digital arena under the name of Jaxx, but in January 2018, it was renamed Jaxx Liberty during an important update.

Jaxx user-friendly

With over one million downloads, Jaxx Wallet has one of the most user-friendly interfaces available. This is great because it makes it appropriate for beginners and experienced digital currency users.

Check out Jaxx Wallet's pros and cons

Positive points

Support for over 90 digital currencies

Easy to use

Internal exchange

Free to use

Negative points

Slight security vulnerabilities

Is the Jaxx wallet safe?

When choosing a digital wallet, it is important to consider its security. When a wallet has features such as user-friendliness and multi-currency support, it is more popular for people.

So, let's find out if the Jaxx wallet is safe.

Personal control

First of all, when you download the wallet, you are not asked for personal information. You will have access to your private keys. Never forget, if you lose your private keys, your property will be lost forever.


To further protect your wallet, it is recommended that you make a backup copy. At the time of registration, you will also define a password that you can use to increase your security.

Login security

Unfortunately, there is no 2FA or multi-signature support wallet in the Jaxx wallet. According to the feedback provided by users, this is also one of the main weaknesses of the wallet.

Some of cryptocurrencies supported by Jaxx


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