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The Bread Wallet is a product of a bread company designed and produced by two programmers named Adam Trainman and Vivazen. This wallet supports more than 150 currencies and is suitable for Android and IOS operating systems.

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Cryptocurrencies supported by Bread
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Know more about Bread

In 2015, Aaron Vivazen and Adam Traidman launched Breadwallet software as a product of the bread company. Since its launch, it has established itself in more than 150 countries and attracted many customers. Initially, the software was designed for customers with IOS, but then the Android version was added quickly.

In August 2019, the Bread wallet founder team announced that users in 28 EU countries could now purchase ETH in Euros via their credit cards or by bank transfer. In addition, Six EU countries also had the advantage that users already have access to this feature.

Bread is a popular IOS wallet with unique security features that allow users to have complete control over their assets. The wallet is completely secure against theft, so for this reason the founders decided to work on the iOS operating system first. There is no server to hack or crash, so you can always access your money.

The company and its wallet are always in competition with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitpay, Coinbase, and many more.

Coins supported by bread wallet

The bread wallet is mainly a Bitcoin wallet. However, Bread supports:

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • and all ERC-20 coins

The cost of a bread wallet

When sending coins from this wallet, a network fee is required, which is called a wage. The transaction cost is not fixed and may be calculated based on wallet activities. Users who receive large amounts of BTC and send large quantities will receive a lower wage. On the other hand, buying coins through a wallet costs 5% when using a credit card. Users can also buy coins using currencies such as Fiat, USD, EUR, CAD, DKK, and GBP.


Bread wallet is a decentralized wallet. This means that you are the only one who has access to your private key. Bread does not use two-factor authentication.

Bread wallet is a mobile wallet. This is one of the ways to strengthen your wallet to protect users from malware and theft. AES hardware encryption and code signature also protect the wallet. There is an additional security point for the bread, and that is its touch ID and six-digit PIN, which gives its users more security.

The wallet uses Simple Payment Verification (SPV). This is a safe way to do business without the involvement of third parties. All of the above items make bread a safe wallet.

The price of bread wallet

This wallet is free to download and use. However, you will have to pay for network costs for the trades you make in the wallet. You will also be charged a wage for using third-party services, such as bank charges when using the app.

Some of cryptocurrencies supported by Bread


  • Calendar
  • Gregory
  • Persian
  • Islamic
  • Currency
  • USD
  • Euro
  • IRT
  • Lira
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