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Liquid Exchange was established in (2014). This exchange provides users with digital currency trading services. Various types of trading transactions such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, and other digital currencies.

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Liquid at a glance

January 2014
Founder Ben fairbank
Sanctioned countries
United States
Cryptocurrencies supported by Liquid

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Every exchange has its highlights. Knowing similar exchanges to Liquid will help you compare between them.

Know more about Liquid

Liquid is an online digital currency exchange where you can trade a wide range of Fiat to Digital Currency and Digital to Digital Currency pairs. Due to the high volume of liquidity in this exchange, it is known as one of the best and most famous exchanges among users.

Liquid is headquartered in Tokyo and is licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency. Quoine was founded in (2014) and launched Quoinex, a Fiat cryptocurrency trading platform, in the same year.

In 2017, the company began trading digital currency with a digital currency known as Qryptos, and in the 12 months to July 2018, the two operating systems traded a total of more than $ 50 billion. Finally, in September 2018, the Liquid project was formed by the merger of Quoinex and Qryptos.

Liquid exchange fees

Traders and investors are expected to pay different fees to operating exchanges for commissions. However, traders should always be cautious of exchanges that charge very high fees, as you will lose significant amounts of money when using such exchanges.Novice investors need to know these things.

In general, any transaction is made between two people, the maker and the recipient. Similarly, the transaction cost is divided between the manufacturer and the recipient according to the intermediary exchange policies.

Cost of transactions in Liquid Exchange

The exchange receives a fixed rate both as the recipient's fee and as the manufacturer. The fee received by this exchange is a maximum of 0.3% for the costs of the recipient and the manufacturer. However, as the volume of monthly transactions increases, customers benefit from reduced fee costs.

For customers with very low monthly transactions, Liquid Exchange reduces their fee costs and makes the process completely free for them. In addition, when the customer pays their fees using the liquidation token, the fees and expenses are reduced by half.

The pros and cons of Liquid exchange

Positive points

  • The transaction cost, except for margin trading, is about 0

  • Good customer service

  • Ease of accessibility

  • Security standard

Negative points

  • It has very slow software

  • Manipulating users' funds in the past

Has the liquid been hacked?

Liquid Exchange has a very strong and standard security system that no one can manipulate users' records. But a few years ago, the company experienced ICO fraud in 2017, when a large amount of currency was lost. This incident caused some users to lose their trust and withdraw their property from this exchange.

But fortunately, today this exchange with its performance has caused many users to turn to it and safely entrust their assets to it.


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