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When the Kraken exchange for cryptocurrency has started the action, it had learned its lessons. They put security as their priority. Until today, they maintained it and haven’t been hacked. In this exchange, you can trade using Fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

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Every exchange has its highlights. Knowing similar exchanges to Kraken will help you compare between them.

Know more about Kraken

In 2011, in San Francisco, Jesse Powell, the founder of the Kraken exchange, started the project and launched it in 2013. The Kraken exchange believes in security above everything. In this exchange, users can transfer money from their bank account to Kraken and vice versa. It is the same in moving cryptocurrency from or to a wallet.

Many factors have made the Kraken exchange popular and trusted among users. One of them is the selection of Kraken in 2014 to be the information source of the crypto market for the great Bloomberg financial company.

What made Kraken one of the top exchanges, was its mission to find the missing bitcoins, following the hacking of the largest exchange of that time, Mt.Gox. The reason was Kraken's security approaches to protect users' assets.

After a while, Kraken became one of the top 5 exchanges in the world. Making Mt.Gox's creditors sure, Kraken has gained their trust and made new users.

In 2017, this exchange was attacked (DDoS) and lost many users. For this reason, in January 2017, they closed the exchange for a week. But after that returned with more power and security.

Is Kaken Exchange safe?

The Kraken exchange is popular because of its unique services. Stop Loss orders, leverage, margin-based trading, and dark pool are some of Kraken's services.

The liberty in choice for Fiat currencies, currency pairs, coins and tokens, and security are among other elements that have made the Kraken exchange popular.

Of course, many traders today prefer to do all their work through mobile phones. Kraken also has an easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android users.

Kraken Exchange has proven its endurance since established. It can last longer by providing better services. This exchange has never been hacked until today and its security has been maintained. But the question is, can it resist until the end?

In 2017, due to the large number of users registering on the site, Kaken had problems. There were likewise several cyberattacks against it, too.

Currently, Iranian users can register in the Kraken exchange using VPN or VPS. Its authentication process consists of a few simple questions. Therefore, Kraken seems to be a suitable exchange for Iranians.

Note that working with various Kraken tools is a bit difficult for amateurs in the crypto market and may result in a loss of resources. So do your research and then decide to star in Kraken.


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