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Coincheck Exchange is one of the oldest and most popular exchange offices in Asia. The exchange in Japan accounted for the largest volume of bitcoin transactions, and by supporting Fiat currencies and bank cards, it has attracted many people turn to it. Coincheck started working in (2014) and has continued to be strong until today.

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August 2012
Founder Koichiro Wada
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Know more about Coincheck

Coincheck is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in Asia, which has the largest volume of bitcoin transactions in Japan (2017). The majority of users of this exchange use Android and iOS Coincheck applications, which is a much higher statistic than other exchange offices in Asia. Coincheck Construction Company was established in (2012) by Keisuke Wada and Yusuke Otsuka, and the exchange started operating in (2014). Both founders are the CEO and Otsuka COO. Coincheck Exchange is available internationally.

The exchange is licensed to operate as a digital currency exchange in Japan and is controlled by the Japan Blockchain Association of Japan.

It is also a member of the Japan Virtual Currency Traders Association and the FinTech Public Association. Coincheck's capital reserves are estimated at 92 million.

In addition to an exchange office, Coincheck also offers merchants a payment system, which means that they can accept digital currency payments, which are automatically converted to ¥ after that.

Privacy and security

Like most digital currency exchanges that support trading with fiat currency, Coincheck has two rows of accounts that have two levels of authentication requirements. Deposit up to $500 or withdraw $300 per day just by confirming your email address and mobile number. Account-holders who wish to use higher levels of deposit or withdrawal must also provide personal identification documents such as a passport or other form of identity card issued by the government and proof of address.

Coincheck host wallets provide two-factor authentication security. Wallets only get hot at the point where a deal is to be made and are normally cold.

Customer support

Coincheck Exchange has strong and relatively good support and their users can easily express any feedback, questions, and problems in Japanese, English, Chinese and Indonesian.

Pros and Cons of Coincheck Exchange


  • Support for a wide range of digital currencies

  • User-friendly design and very easy to use

  • Support for Fiat JPY and USD

  • Possibility of payment by credit card

  • Has wallet software

  • High reputation among users

  • Free transactions


  • Lack of customer support by phone or chat

  • The complexity of the process of verifying international account holders

Coincheck Exchange is a high-quality digital currency exchange and also offers some useful additional services such as Visa credit card support that can be provided by Bitcoin. The technology level of this exchange is one of the best at the international level and the process of working with it is very easy. The verification process is also a bit complicated for international account holders and may delay some. Support for Fiat currencies such as the USD and JPY enhances its international appeal.

Cryptocurrencies supported by Coincheck


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