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Dash digital currency is an example of a Bitcoin model that trades much faster and more securely than Bitcoin. This digital currency has a large number of core operating systems that cover a large part of the processes of this currency. Dash's main purpose is to buy, sell and trade-in other currencies and general buy and sell.

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653 Million
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58 . 25
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% -4.55

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Know more about Dash

Dash cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is a digital currency that can be used to send or receive payments. Dash is built on top of the blockchain technology used by Bitcoin, however, significant improvements have been made.

Dash digital currency has gained popularity because it offers better privacy and faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin.

Dash digital currency not only has these advantages but also operates on its model and self-financing.

Unlike Bitcoin, the Dash network can fund itself for more advances in Dash technology.

The word "Dash" is a combination of the words "Digital" and "Cash". The digital currency was released on January 18, 2014, by Ivan Duffield as "Xcoin (XCO)". On January 28, 2014, it was renamed "Darkcoin" and finally renamed "Dash" on March 25, 2015.

How to use Dash digital currency?

Dash has many features that make it superior to other digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Lite Coin. Because of these three features, Dash can be used to trade privately and quickly: with major nodes (operating systems), private sending, and instant sending.

Main operating systems

In the Bitcoin blockchain, there are miners that review the trades made in the blockchain and turn are rewarded for their work. Similarly, in the Dash digital currency blockchain, there are miners, but the system is divided into two main operating systems and miners.

A user must deposit at least 1000 dash to become the main operating system.

Basic operating systems act as special servers that perform critical functions in the Dash encryption network. They are responsible for PrivateSend, InstantSend, Main Server, and Treasury.

Basic operating systems improve network security and ensure that transactions are as fast as cash trades. The effort of the main systems makes them get rewarded by the network.

They receive a 45% of the total bonus received from the Dash coin mining. Therefore, suppose that if 1 dash coin is mined by the miners, it is divided as follows:

  • 45% is awarded to miners.

  • 45% bonus is awarded to major operating systems.

  • 10% is allocated to the budget for more development in the network.

Private sending

One of the problems with the Bitcoin blockchain is that it is public. This means that if you make a transaction with Bitcoin, anyone in the Internet accessing world can find out about it:

The public address of the sender and recipient of each Bitcoin transaction;

What was the value of the transaction;

Previous transactions that Bitcoin was involved.

Vice versa Fiat transactions, that the details of each transaction are known only for the parties involved.

However, Dash offers a service called (Private Sending). For this reason, it is not possible to search for Dash transactions or reveal users' identities. As mentioned earlier, private transactions are facilitated by basic operating systems.

Even if all your transactions are legal, do you want the rest of the world to know everything about them? Let me guess, your answer is "no". So, this is a big advantage that Dash Digital Currency offers over Bitcoin.

Immediate sending

On average, it takes about 10 minutes to approve 10 Bitcoin transactions. On the other hand, it only takes a few seconds to complete a transaction using Visa or MasterCard.

That's a big difference, right?

Dash has solved this problem by providing a special service called "instant delivery". With instant delivery, Dash digital currency transactions are verified almost immediately by the core operating system network.

These 3 useful features have a huge advantage for digital currency (Dash) over many others such as Bitcoin and Lite Coin.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dash

Dash Digital Currency Pros

  • One of the most private cryptocurrencies

  • Fast trading speed

  • Ensure transaction anonymity by basic operating systems

  • Excellent security

Dash Digital Currency Cons

  • Abuse in some illegal activities

  • Having some troubles at the time of release

  • Being focused


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